5 - 6 December 2024 

Second International Conference on 

intelligent COMPUting TEchnologies and Research


Revolutionizing Smart Sustainable Systems

(Hybrid Mode)


National Institute of Technology Puducherry

An Institution of National Importance, Under Ministry of Education, Government of  India

 Thiruvettakudy, Karaikal, Puducherry - 609609, India

About the Conference

Welcome to i-COMPUTER 2024, the second edition of the Second International Conference on intelligent COMPUting TEchnologies and Research. Hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Puducherry, India, i-COMPUTER explores a wide array of research areas.

The rapid progress in science, information, and technology is reshaping our world. In this digital age, smart devices, networks, and immersive technologies have seamlessly integrated into everyday life. Information Communication and Technology (ICT) play a pivotal role in driving forward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with their speed, precision, and quality. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cybersecurity are advancing rapidly, prioritizing human convenience over environmental concerns.

Our conference aims to unite researchers from around the globe to exchange ideas, collaborate, and promote research in various areas, including smart automation with sustainability at its core.

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16th August 2024

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15th November 2024

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Theme: Revolutionizing Smart Sustainable Systems

(Call for Paper)

AI Systems

Networks Systems

Internet of Things(IoT) Systems

 · Edge Computing for IoT

 · Security and Privacy in IoT

 · IoT Data Analytics

 · IoT Interoperability

 · Energy-Efficient IoT

 · IoT for Smart Cities

 · IoT in Healthcare

 · IoT in Agriculture

 · IoT in Industry 4.0

 · IoT for Environmental Monitoring

 · IoT in Transportation and Logistics

 · IoT for Smart Homes and Buildings

 · IoT in Retail and Customer Engagement

 · IoT in Education

 · IoT in Wearable Devices and Healthcare Monitoring

 · IoT for Smart Energy Grids

 · IoT in Environmental Conservation

 · IoT in Disaster Management and Emergency Response

 · IoT for Aging Population and Healthcare

 · IoT for Smart Water Management 

Cyber Security Systems 

· Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

 · Malware Analysis and Detection

 · Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

 · Network Security and Firewall Technologies

 · Secure Software Development and Code Analysis

 · Identity and Access Management (IAM)

 · Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing

 · Cyber Threat Hunting and Incident Response

 · Security of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

 · Cloud Security and Virtualization Technologies

 · Web Application Security and Vulnerability Assessment

 · AI and ML for Cybersecurity

 · Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

 · Security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA

 · Mobile Security and Secure Mobile Application Development

 · Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Security

 · Supply Chain Security and Vendor Risk Management

 · Cybersecurity Policy, Regulations, and Compliance

 · Biometric Authentication and Behavioral Analysis

 · Quantum Cryptography and Post-Quantum Security 

Vision Systems 

•        Image Enhancement

•        Image Segmentation

•        Object Detection and Recognition

•        Image Classification

•        Feature Extraction and Representation

•        Image Registration and Alignment

•        Image Restoration and Reconstruction

•        Edge Detection and Boundary Detection

•        Morphological Image Processing

•        Texture Analysis and Synthesis

•        Medical Image Processing and Analysis

•        Remote Sensing Image Analysis

•        Deep Learning for Computer Vision

•        3D Computer Vision and Reconstruction

•        Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

•        Video Analysis and Understanding

•        Facial Recognition and Biometrics

•        Scene Understanding and Scene Understanding

•        Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

•        Gesture Recognition and Human-Computer Interaction

Medical Data Analysis Systems 

•        Electronic Health Records (EHR) Analysis

•        Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

•        Medical Imaging Analysis

•        Genomic Data Analysis

•        Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

•        Predictive Modeling for Disease Diagnosis and Prognosis

•        Drug Discovery and Pharmacogenomics

•        Patient Monitoring and Remote Health Monitoring

•        Healthcare Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

•        Wearable Devices and Sensor Data Analysis

•        Telemedicine and Telehealth Data Analysis

•        Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Analytics

•        Health Informatics and Health Information Systems

•        Precision Medicine and Personalized Treatment Planning

•        Population Health Management and Epidemiology

•        Public Health Surveillance and Disease Outbreak Detection

•        Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Healthcare Text Data

•        Clinical Trials Data Analysis

•        Health Behavior Analysis and Intervention

•        Healthcare Fraud Detection and Anomaly Detection

Data Processing Systems

•       Data Integration and ETL Processes

•        Data Warehousing and Data Lake Architectures

•        Big Data Storage and Distributed File Systems

•        Data Pipeline Orchestration and Workflow Management

•        Real-Time Data Processing and Stream Processing

•        Data Quality Management and Data Cleansing

•        Data Governance and Metadata Management

•        Scalable and Efficient Data Processing Algorithms

•        Data Compression and Data Serialization Techniques

•        Database Management Systems (DBMS) Optimization

•        Data Privacy and Data Security in Data Engineering

•        Data Versioning and Data Lineage Tracking

•        Data Migration and Data Replication Strategies

•        Data Synchronization and Change Data Capture (CDC)

•        Data Cataloging and Data Discovery

•        Data Engineering for Machine Learning and AI Applications

•        Data Engineering for IoT (Internet of Things) Systems

•        Data Engineering for Cloud Computing Environments

•        Data Engineering for Edge Computing Platforms

Quantum Computing Systems

•        Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Complexity Theory

•        Quantum Error Correction and Fault-Tolerance

•        Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution

•        Quantum Simulation and Quantum Chemistry

•        Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Artificial Intelligence

•        Quantum Computing Hardware and Architecture

•        Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Entanglement

•        Quantum Networking and Quantum Communication

•        Quantum Metrology and Quantum Sensing

•        Quantum Annealing and Adiabatic Quantum Computing

•        Quantum Walks and Quantum Search Algorithms

•        Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithms (QAOA)

•        Quantum Circuit Design and Quantum Gate Implementations

•        Quantum Computing Software Development and Programming

•        Quantum Benchmarking and Performance Metrics

•        Quantum Cryptanalysis and Post-Quantum Cryptography

•        Quantum-enhanced Optimization and Combinatorial Problems

•        Quantum Computing for Financial Modeling and Optimization

•        Quantum Computing for Healthcare and Drug Discovery

Keynote Speakers

Dr Sayan Kumar Ray, Professor, Taylor's University, Malaysia

Dr. Fang-Yie Leu, Professor, Tunghai University, Taiwan

About Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in 2010. Since then, the department has held a position of pride in NITPY. The Department offers B.Tech., M.Tech., M.Tech.(By Research), and Ph.D. courses. The curriculum ensures that the courses are integrated with core concepts and cutting-edge technology of IT.

The department has always attracted the best engineering aspirants from all over the country and it has consistently fulfilled the role of producing Computer Engineers ready to meet the demands of the IT world.  The department is well-qualified with an experienced team of faculty and well-equipped with high-end computing facilities to support the teaching-learning activities. The Department is also actively involved in various research activities.

The Institute

National Institute of Technology Puducherry

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National Institute of Technology Puducherry, Karaikal (NITPY) established in 2010, is one of the 31 National Institutes of Technology in India & recognized as an Institution of National Importance under the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India

NITPY is nestled in the scenes of Karaikal, a coastal enclave in the basin of river Kaveri, is situated on 258 acres near village Poovam and Thiruvettakudy, Karaikal, Union Territory of Puducherry.

NITPY is committed to producing competent and responsible technocrats who can serve the nation on its journey to growth and prosperity. The institute provides keen guidance in terms of experienced and expert faculty members and facilities to sculpt the bright minds into professionally balanced individuals capable enough to take up challenges of nature, society, and the world.

The Institute is constantly attempting to scale new heights by developing a synergy between academics, research, and practice. NIT Puducherry is ranked 144 under the Engineering Institutes category in the NIRF India Ranking 2021 released by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

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